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A Lexicographic Analysis of Conceptual Verbalizators: The Germanic REBEL(L)

This article rationalizes a lexicographic study of the cognitive concept explicators REBEL and REBELL existing in the German language and in American English. Key concept names, or verbalizators, are detected and classified according to their semantic characteristics, including those historically inherent in the words` inner forms. Finally, substantial changes in concept names` meanings are laid out based on a diachronic analysis of a number of dictionary entries.

In Search of the Iconic Iconoclast: Reconstructing Figurative and Perceptual Components within the Cognitive Concepts БУНТАРЬ and REBEL

This article presents a modern day study of the cognitive concepts БУНТАРЬ and REBEL existing in Russian and American linguocultures, respectively. A focus on the concepts` figurative and perceptual components is made to ascertain inherent differences. The peripheral layers of both mentioned concepts are reconstructed by way of conducting a brief survey among representatives of both cultures. The interviewed subjects` responses have been analyzed statistically to quantify variances.