Area Studies

The Issue of National Identity in Modern Portugal

The Issue of National Identity in Modern Portugal by Alexander Vukolov Lomonosov Moscow State University Faculty of Political Science Abstract The article analyzes the transformation of the Portuguese national identity, which started since the Carnation Revolution (1974), and the influence of the previous historical experience of Portugal as the great colonial empire on this(…)

Challenges in studying regional identity

In the article the author looks into the challenges one faces when trying to explore the notion of regional identity. Firstly, it is a problem of terminology, problem of defining the region and dominants of its development as well as challenges in understanding how regional identity is formed depending on these dominants and region defining. Also problem of natural and artificial ways of regional identity forming is discussed based in historical experience of Russia. The topic of regional identity is considered to be of great interest for discipline of regional studies.

On ‘Shrinking’ of Regions

In the scope of area studies as integrated science it seems possible to develop a number of ‘shrinking’ regions’ future development strategies considering their special characteristics. Herewith, it is important to allocate not only global patterns of the process, but also to highlight regional peculiarities.