Intercultural Communication

Sign Names in the Russian Deaf Culture: Origin and Functioning

This article gives a brief outline of sign names in Russian Deaf culture, their origin and functioning. We provide a definition of sign name and specify its functions within the Deaf community; in doing so we reveal the asymmetry between sign and spoken names. Apart from this, the article briefly describes the process of receiving a sign name when entering the Deaf community. We also list the most typical sources for sign names in Russian Deaf culture. Finally, we sketch a few directions of further research on this and related issues.

In Search of the Iconic Iconoclast: Reconstructing Figurative and Perceptual Components within the Cognitive Concepts БУНТАРЬ and REBEL

This article presents a modern day study of the cognitive concepts БУНТАРЬ and REBEL existing in Russian and American linguocultures, respectively. A focus on the concepts` figurative and perceptual components is made to ascertain inherent differences. The peripheral layers of both mentioned concepts are reconstructed by way of conducting a brief survey among representatives of both cultures. The interviewed subjects` responses have been analyzed statistically to quantify variances.